A New Reason to Become a Patreon Backer: The Hickey Packet

As you all probably know (and I’m sorry for banging on about it — I try to mention it as little as possible), I have a Patreon account which is one of my principal sources of income. Currently it says I get $78 per blog post, but that’s not actually true — people set limits on how much they can give, so every backer gives me money for the first post of a month, a few less for the second, and so on. (Which is as it should be — people give what they can when they can, and I am *absurdly* grateful that anyone pays even a penny for my writing. Seriously, it astounds me every time I think of it). So for example tomorrow’s post will earn me $33, the one after $23, and so on.

Now, I’m feeling a little insecure about my earnings at the moment (as much due to mental health stuff as anything), so I’d like to offer a little extra inducement.

Patreon backers currently get free copies of every new book I self-publish (ebooks for most, physical copies for higher-tier backers) — so my new novel Destroyer and the third volume of the Beach Boys book, both of which will be out this month, will be going out to them — and Obverse have kindly allowed me to give free ebook copies of the two books I did for them to backers, which can be found in my Patreon archives.

But what I’m going to do this month — as well as the two new books — is offer a “Hickey Packet”, inspired by the Hugo Packet I got this morning. If my Patreon hits $100 per blog post (the topline figure, which is $78 at the moment) before the end of this month, I will upload a zip file containing ebooks of *every* book I’ve released, for free download by all Patreon backers. It will only be available for one month, but it’ll contain *everything*. Books on 60s pop (books on the Beatles, the Monkees, the Kinks, the Beach Boys, and the LA pop music scene), TV (two books on Doctor Who), and comics (two books on Grant Morrison), two novels, a book of short stories, a couple of other random short stories that haven’t been collected yet, a collection of rather strange essays on all sorts of interesting things… sixteen books and a couple of short stories in total.

Hitting the $100 goal will also mean that I’ll restart podcasting audio versions of all my blog posts.

So if that sounds good to you, sign up for my Patreon, and persuade other people to.

If you can’t, though, this blog will *always* remain free to read, and there is no obligation, ever. But if you can, that would be nice.

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  1. Jon Blum says:

    Hey Andrew — can’t find your contact link!

    Through a complex series of events, Kate and I are in Bury until Tuesday. Paul Magrs just told me you’re local — drop me a line at my email, we’ll see if we can hook up!

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