New Comics Post for Patreon Backers

Over on my Patreon, for backers only, a 3000-word post on the 2008 superhero comic Final Crisis, which as is the way with these things touches on other stuff too.
A brief excerpt:

And “on fire” is appropriate Depression, and arthritis, are both caused by inflammation. That inflammation is in turn caused by oxidation reactions – the same bonding with oxygen that is fire. Oxidation reactions are also the same things that cause food to rot and go mouldy, and which cause metal to rust. Decay, depression, corruption – these are all just fire, slowed down enough that you can’t see the glow.

And in a political climate like the one at the moment, it’s very difficult to see any hope. The whole world – or at least that part of it that is liberal and tolerant, that part which chose to see Obama, however briefly, as Superman, before the idea came into contact with reality and revealed him as just another politician – is trapped in the life trap. We have the potential to be gods, but instead we’re lying, bleeding to death, on a rubbish tip. We have seen so many little men squandering little lives on the petty power struggles that take meaning away from otherwise glorious existences.

I’ll be doing one of these long posts on a single comics story every month. They’re free, but only to Patreon backers. If you want to read them, please sign up.

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