Quick Question Re: Warranties

For anyone who might know…
I bought a laptop from Amazon last week, which (as all laptops do because monopolies) had Windows 10 installed on it. I did the usual fiddling with the UEFI and BIOS to allow it to install Debian… and then the Debian installer didn’t work. I tried with three or four different installers (stable, testing, oldstable, netinst) and all failed, usually at the “detecting hardware” stages. Some didn’t detect the hard drive, others the CD drive, but none would actually install properly.
I got past my level of knowledge, and passed it on to a friend who has a lot of sysadmin experience. He’s still doing stuff, but his best guess at the moment is that there’s a hardware fault.
For those of you who know, *is it possible for me to return this laptop to Amazon*, or will they refuse it? My guess is that they’ll do a like-for-like replacement (Amazon are pretty good usually) but I don’t know, and I didn’t read the EULAs because I only booted into Windows long enough to change the settings…

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2 Responses to Quick Question Re: Warranties

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Two thoughts.

    First, did you try Ubuntu? My experience is that they tend to be more up to date in supporting newer hardware than vanilla Debian.

    Second: I think most Amazon retailers tend to just deal with returns as a cost of business and will tend not to ask a lot of questions. In your position, I wouldn’t volunteer any information about your Debian adventures, just say “it doesn’t work” and send it back.

  2. Seth says:

    3rd party sellers on Amazon are scared of bad reviews. They will almost surely either exchange or refund no questions asked. If they dont give a good answer, dispute it with Amazon. Ive had Amazon instantly give me a refund when submitting a dispute.

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