May is Patreon Pledge Post Month!

I’m a little short on money at the moment (not life-threateningly so, but I had to buy a new laptop this week while I’ve had less time for paid work recently because of election madness), and I’m also casting around for subjects to write blog posts about. I see a way these two things can be combined.

In May, therefore, I am opening up a new feature, which may be a permanent thing or may be a one-off. Any Patreon backer, even at the $1 level, can request a blog post on anything, and I will write one. It’ll be at least a thousand words, and posted some time during the month of May. I *may* do multiple posts per backer if given time, but there’ll be one at least.

This can be anything at all — want me to write about something I don’t normally write? Want a short story in a particular genre? Want me to look like an idiot opining on something I know nothing about? Go ahead. (I won’t do anything I think too personal, so no essays like “the details of my sex life” or “an article listing my debit card number, home address, and online banking password”).

I’m ridiculously grateful to my Patreon backers, and if there are any other things they/you would like me to be doing, I’ll be very happy to try stuff out.

Also, a reminder that backers get free copies of all my books. I plan to have my next short novel and the third Beach Boys book out next month — they would already be out now, but for the laptop problem that lost me a week of work. And there are occasional Patreon-only posts (like the one I’m posting up tomorrow on Final Crisis)

But if you’re interested in me writing about… well, anything at all really… please sign up for my Patreon and let me know (or, for those of you who already are backers, just let me know in the comments to this post, either on my blog or on Patreon itself).

Proper post later.

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  1. I would like you to write a thousand words on Gary.

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