You know when I said “The Gorton by-election is now into its final few weeks (the fourth of May is the election date), and so I should have more writing time again shortly, and I hope to go back to this blog being daily.”


Two days is a long time in politics.

This election is more important than any in my lifetime. Vote to stop May’s Brexit destruction of the UK. I hope you vote Lib Dem, and will not advocate voting for anyone else, but look at the candidates in your area, ask yourself which one will stop this mess, and vote for them. I’m confident that will be Lib Dem more often than not, but ask the question.

Proper post when my anxiety attack has stopped.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Manchester, get yourself to 815 Stockport Road. We’ve been campaigning for weeks already, we have leaflets and posters and everything you need. Until your local party gets into gear, help ours.

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2 Responses to *Sigh*

  1. David Brain says:

    Can Labour and the LibDems sue May for the colossal waste of money, time and resources spent on this by-election when she could – if she had wanted – have held an election on May 4th, you know, when there are already a bunch of other elections happening? It’s not as though she didn’t have time to think about it.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I would imagine not. There seems still to be a lot of doubt as to whether the by-election *is* happening — given the legalities surrounding it, it may well be that we have to have a by-election on May 4th — *after* Parliament has dissolved, electing Jackie (or whoever) to the dissolved Parliament, and then have a re-run a month later without her ever having taken a seat in Parliament.

      Still, colossal wastes of time, money, and resources are what Brexit Britain is all about…

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