Linkblogging for 17/4/17

Just a few links today, but they’re all very good ones…

Nick Barlow wrote a blog post I was going to write, about the idea of a new centre party, but better than I would have written it, so now I don’t need to.

The ableist, racist, and classist underpinnings of “laziness”.

A *really* good piece on the difference between the Kirk of the original Star Trek and his perception in popular culture and the reboot films.

Unfortunately, while Kirk was great, the actor who played him is an arse. How William Shatner betrayed autistic people.

An ex-Tory, who campaigned for Iain Duncan Smith in 2001, writes about Brexit. I disagree with quite a bit, obviously, but there’s a lot of *really* good stuff in here too.

A classic I may have linked here when it was originally posted, but which has been circulating again — anthropological field notes on the Lib Dems. Thankfully some of the worst stuff in this has changed, or is changing, but it made me cringe-laugh four years ago and did again when I just reread it.

Wesley Osam uses a review of Ben Aaronovitch’s The Hanging Tree to talk about many of the problems with serialised stories as they’re currently practiced (this is, incidentally, one of the big reasons I’m against the principle of the Best Series Hugo and will be No Awarding it).

And Obverse Books have announced a new series of books, The Silver Archive, which will be a companion series to The Black Archive, looking at non-Doctor Who genre TV (with a fairly fluid definition of genre — one of the books is on Steptoe & Son), starting next year. I’m writing one on The Strange World of Gurney Slade which will be out in about eighteen months. For the full list of titles to be released in 2018-20, see Obverse’s website.

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