Plans for the Next Few Weeks

The Gorton by-election is now into its final few weeks (the fourth of May is the election date), and so I should have more writing time again shortly, and I hope to go back to this blog being daily.

However, part of the reason I’ve not been posting is that I’ve been doing non-blog writing. My second novel should be out in the next week or two. This one’s self-published, and shorter than the first — it’s only 40,000 words or so, and it’s a Dennis Wheatley pastiche. I’m in the final stages of the copy-editing and so forth, and I should have it out before the end of the month. Patreon backers will be getting it free, and so will blog readers — but the latter will have to wait. I’ll be serialising it, one chapter a week, over the next ten months or so. If that works for getting people to buy the book, I’ll do it with future books.

I’ve also been working on another book — the final volume of the Beach Boys books. That should also be out this month, with luck. That contains the reviews I’ve posted here, but also essays on the Good Vibrations box, The Pet Sounds Sessions, Endless Harmony, Ultimate Christmas, Hawthorne CA, Pet Sounds Live In London, The Smile Sessions, Made In California, Live: The 50th Anniversary Tour, The Big Beat 1963, Live In Sacramento, Keep An Eye On Summer, No Pier Pressure (a heavily revised version of the review I wrote at the time), Brian Wilson and Friends, Beach Boys’ Party! Uncovered and Unplugged, and Live In Chicago 1965. That’s going to be a BIG book, and again Patreon backers will get it for free.

I’m *hoping* both of those will be out by the end of the month, but I’m *guaranteeing* they’ll both be out by the end of May.

After those, I’m planning on a few other things. I’m working on a third novel (the “techno-cosy” I’ve spoken about before and posted draft excerpts from) and I’m going to start the regular Batman posts on Mindless Ones again.

So, stuff is happening.

For the next couple of weeks, expect more Hugo posts, a Patreon-only comics post, and more analysis of the Gorton by-election, assuming my health bears up.

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