Change of Plans Re: Patreon Comics Posts

OK, so the Patreon-only comics post thing hasn’t worked out like I hoped. Partly that’s on me missing some, partly because people haven’t suggested things other weeks, and so it sort of death-spiralled because people don’t want to suggest stuff if it might not happen.

But I *do* want to keep doing comics stuff, so a new way of doing this. I’ll do longer (say… 4000 words? Long enough to say something properly, anyway) posts, once a month, looking at a single trade. If people suggest one for me to do, I’ll choose (and buy) the most interesting looking one from whatever my local comic shop has in stock. If no-one suggests one, I’ll instead review something out of my collection.

I’m happy to take any suggestions from Patreon backers. I am *more likely* to find interesting things to say about stuff from within the Anglo-American mainstream traditions than about something with no connection to anything I know about, but I’ll try anything. I’m also more likely to buy something that costs a fiver than some massive Absolute Edition thing, so take that into account too.

I’ll probably be going to the shop on Monday afternoon. If no-one’s suggested anything they’d like to see me write about more, I’ll do a post on Final Crisis (as printed in the hardback, which I own) a few days later.

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2 Responses to Change of Plans Re: Patreon Comics Posts

  1. Simon Bucher-Jones says:

    Interested in your thoughts on Final Crisis, but would also still like a monograph on Alan Moore’s Providence which should conclude next month.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I’ll definitely write something up on it. Probably wait a couple of months to get my thoughts together, but I’ll do something.

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