On the Article 50 Notification

We shall return.

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3 Responses to On the Article 50 Notification

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Yes, we shall. But not until some time after all our EU nationals have left, the NHS consequently suffers further catastrophic staffing cuts, the remains of manufacturing in the UK come to an end, and financial services industry is crippled, and every corporation that had been planning on investing here has moved elsewhere. Oh, and Scotland and Northern Ireland have left the UK.

    I do think it’s inevitable that, at some stage, the United Kingdom of England and Wales will seek to rejoin the EU. But nothing will bring back what we have lost. What we have set fire to, out of spite and ignorance.

    I gotta lie down.

  2. glyncoch says:

    Absolutely agree, Mike!
    I am not sure that I believe my ears, but I really to believe that I heard David Davies say something like “we should be no worse off after the article 50 negotiations, because this is a unique trade deal in that we already comply with EU standards”
    This is very confusing, I thought that the EU standards were those EU regulation made by faceless and undemocratic civil servants that the Brexit lot, including David Davis didn’t like! What is more, if we go through with Article 50 we will have no more political influence over those faceless EU civil servants, but will have to obey the standards anyway…..
    I wish I was lying down, and imagining this!

  3. Bytowner says:

    I naively offer this wish: may it be soon. Sooner than you hope or fear. And may it bring joy when it happens.

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