Linkblogging for 24/03/17

Sorry I’ve not been around much — apparently dealing with bereavement while also having a sinus infection that won’t go away while also fighting a byelection campaign and trying to get some freelance work done is time-consuming and difficult. Who knew?

Anyway, I’ll have Patreon comics reviews up tomorrow or Sunday. I only got a couple of suggestions last time I asked about these, and so I’ll just also review a few other things. And Patreon backers should expect some books in the next few weeks… and I’ll have a proper blog post up here either Sunday or Monday. But in the meantime, links.

Someone has compiled a PDF of Scott Alexander’s short stories. I find Slate Star Codex alternately insightful and headdeskingly stupid, but he *is* a very decent SF writer…

Someone else has posted PDFs of the complete Golden Bough, rather than the abridged version available in most places

Precisely measuring time can warp space

Jen Yockney looks at how many lives have been saved — literally — by same-sex marriage being legal

Jonathan Calder on why the Orange Book is too statist

And a site devoted to albums by classic British comedians

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