Apologies for Lack of Posting

Just to say that I know posts have been a little light recently. I’m currently dealing with… (thinks)… three, I think, family emergencies of various degrees of difficulty (the one that’s by far the most serious is that my grandmother has terminal cancer, and we believe she’s got days at most left to live) — I’ve spent so long on the phone to various family members today that my arms are aching from holding it up to my ear; there’s a by-election going on in my local constituency, and I’ve delivered something like 400 leaflets this week (not easy with arthritis as bad as mine; and in better news I’ve had some freelance work to do this week.

I’m currently working on finishing my second novel and the third volume of the Beach Boys book so they’ll (fingers crossed) both be out this month. There’ll be one more Beach Boys essay posted here, but lots more shorter ones (on rarities compilations and so on) in the book. Patreon backers will, of course, get those free. I’m also working on some musical stuff and on a new Faction Paradox short story I’ve been asked to write (and to the editor who’s had to be too patient, I *will* get that to you soon!)

So hopefully there’ll be more stuff posted here very soon, but bear with me. I will, though, be going to the comic shop tomorrow or Thursday, so if any Patreon backers have things they want me to review, let me know in the comments.

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3 Responses to Apologies for Lack of Posting

  1. plok says:

    Oh my gosh. Cancer’s awful; all sympathies, and for heaven’s sake take whatever rest you can get, whenever you can get it.

  2. David Brown says:

    Hi Andrew, sorry to hear your news as well. If it’s not too late how about Kill or Be Killed #7 for the reviews. Thanks!

  3. David Lewis says:

    Look after yourself Andrew.

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