Out of Spoons Error: Redo From Start (Linkblogging For 28/2/17)

OK, so at the moment I’m putting the finishing touches on two separate books (my second novel, Devil in the Dark, and the final Beach Boys book), both of which I hope to have out in March. March will also see the release of the first new National Pep track in a decade — a cover version of “(I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love”. I’m also dealing (from a distance — it’s not me who’s directly affected, but close relatives are) with an ongoing family health crisis and two ongoing non-health-crisis-related family things, trying to be emotionally supportive of my wife as she simultaneously applies for UK citizenship and also has to deal with another stressful thing I can’t talk about (actually, I just remembered — two very different stressful things, neither of which I can talk about), trying to get some freelance work done, and dealing with low blood sugar because I’m trying to prevent myself becoming diabetic by radically changing my diet. Most of this has come to a head in the last week.

So I apologise for not being very up to date with my Patreon comic reviews — they *are* coming — if any other commitments I make fall into the cracks, and especially if I’ve been more than usually unpleasant to be around on social media. Most of this stuff will be resolved soon. For now, you get links.

Charles Stross on whether Britain is going to lose its nuclear weapons

Tegan at the Hurting, talking about teaching a course based on the 33 1/3 book about Celine Dion

The homeless man who stopped thousands of people becoming HIV positive

Lawrence Burton lists ten things that America doesn’t really do properly and ten which it does just fine

Mark Evanier explains the difference between voice casting for hand-drawn cartoon series and CGI ones.

The New Yorker on why the New Oxford Shakespeare is crediting far more of Shakespeare’s plays as being co-authored

And a long Twitter thread (my least favourite form of longform writing, but one which seems to be becoming the go-to for political essays, unfortunately) on the problems with mocking Trump for liking well-done steak

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