Linkblogging for 17/2/17

Not done a linkblog for a while, have I? But I’m trying to make sure there’ll be *something* up here every day, now, and I’m uninspired, so you get links.
(I was going to do a review of Cerebus in Hell #1 for Mindless Ones, but it turned out, having read it, that the actual review would just be “it’s Wondermark but not as good”, which didn’t really seem worth a separate post).

Fred Clark has a Bonhoeffer quote which seems very appropriate at the moment

Millennium Elephant’s vision of a liberal future

Charles Stross on one possible worst-case scenario for the world right now

A law student’s guide to free speech (and what it isn’t)

Jess Nevins writes about his book on the history of costumed heroes

Kristine Rusch gives some advice on how to be a fiction writer in difficult political times

And my wife, Holly, does a guest blog for Scope (actually transcribed from a phone interview, so in “spoken English” rather than “written English” — I mention this because she’s felt a little odd about that herself) about her experiences trying to find employment as a disabled immigrant. Warning, contains photograph of me.

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