A Few Things We In The UK Can Do

I’m not planning on posting much about politics in the next few days, because the world situation and everything about it are so obviously bad that I can’t usefully contribute. Everyone reading this, I hope, knows my views on fascism (if you don’t, for some reason: I’m a disabled working-class Lib Dem whose grandfather was a trade union organiser and who is married to a bisexual disabled immigrant. I went to my first protest when I was so young that I had to leave early because it went on past my bedtime, and I was reading the Guardian before I could tie my shoelaces. You can join the dots…) and it’s not like I have any special analytical powers that let me see something about this horrible situation that isn’t obvious to everyone. So I’ll be posting over the next few days about old 1960s TV shows, books by friends of mine, that kind of thing (expect a post about Gurney Slade tonight).

But there are a few practical things you can do if you want to stand against Trump and Trumpism:

Most immediately, there are protests tomorrow in most major cities. Here’s the Manchester one’s FB page. Links to the other ones should be findable through that.

Three petitions you can sign: One to make co-operation with Trump conditional on human rights, one to stop him making a state visit (phrasing on that one is horrible, but it’s the one that’s gaining traction), and one to ringfence the NHS in any post-Brexit trade deal with the US

If you have a spare room, volunteer to let it be used by homeless refugees (I signed up for this today, to allow short-term emergency use of my spare room, and I’m autistic and terrified of people being in my space. If I can, you can, if you have a room).

Give to the ACLU, who are fighting Trump in America.

Write to your MP using writetothem.org and ask them to raise the issue of collaboration with Trump.

Join a political party that supports internationalism. The Lib Dems are the best in my opinion, but if you prefer another party such as the Greens or the SNP, join them. There is a limit to what can be achieved by traditional political parties, but they achieve *something*.

Donate to Citizens UK’s Safe Passage scheme

If you are able, take part in One Day Without Us, a national “immigrant strike” taking part on the twentieth of February.

And one suggestion from me — *don’t attack anyone for helping, even if you think their way of helping is misguided*. Some people will write letters to their MP, others will engage in civil disobedience, and so on. By all means attack people who are supporting Trump, and criticise anti-Trump people for everything else, but if someone’s doing something you think won’t work, don’t say “you should be doing this instead, people like you are why Trump won”. Taking any action at all is still doing something, and should be encouraged.

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