A Couple of Things Re: My Patreon Account

First, I didn’t have any takers at all about last week’s Patreon-exclusive comics review suggestions. Are these something people have got bored of, or was the lack of interest just down to that week? Do let me know if that’s something you want to continue (I’ll be going to the comic shop tomorrow: if you have suggestions for what to review, let me know…)

Secondly, and something that might be of interest to current non-backers: right now, Patreon makes up quite a big chunk of my income, but not quite as big as it may seem looking at the page. It says I get $80 per blog post, but that’s not quite true — I get $80 for the *first* Patreon-backed blog post of a month (Also, if people aren’t aware, I only charge for the thousand-word-plus ones, with the message about backers at the bottom. I’m not charging people for the linkblogs, status updates, and so on, nor will I ever), but then for each one after that I get less, as people put caps on their donations. Towards the end of the month I get closer to $20 per post.

But I would like to make the Patreon-backed stuff a bigger part of my work, so I’m going to make a new offer. The first month I make more than $1000 from Patreon, I will start work on a Patreon-exclusive book. Every backer (at whatever level) will be able to suggest a topic for me to write (at least) a thousand words on, and I will do a book of those essays, which will only go to backers. And I’ll do that once a year if that level of support keeps up.

And finally, I’d just like to say thank you again to all my backers, and to all the people who have ever backed me in the past. It’s ridiculously generous of you all, and after a year that left me with little faith in humanity as a whole, I’ve found myself in tears recently at the kindness of people who have decided that they will pay even a penny towards this nonsense I do, which they’re getting for free anyway. (And not just my current backers. Some people used to back me and currently can’t. They’re still ridiculously lovely people for ever having done so. The thanks go to them too.)

My Patreon is here for those who would like to back it. But as always, there’s no obligation to do so, and this blog will continue to be free (and to be free from advertising).

Proper post tonight.

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5 Responses to A Couple of Things Re: My Patreon Account

  1. David Brown says:

    Hi Andrew. I still am interested in the reviews – but Patreon didn’t send me an email with notification that you were asking for requests as it had done previously and I didn’t see the note on your blog until it was too late. So do please continue! Thanks! Suggestions for this week, any three from; Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #20, Angel City #4, Jessica Jones #4, Ninjak #23, 2000AD Prog 2013.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Ah, I thought that might be the case — there were some problems with Patreon’s email system last week, apparently.

  2. I’m definitely interested in the reviews, but tend not to have any specific requests (although it’d be fun to see what you make of WWE: Then Now Forever #1 from Boom Studios).

  3. Simon BJ says:

    Enjoy reviews but no real recommendations. Would be interested in your overview of Providence when it finishes in March.

  4. Oliver Townshend says:

    I like your reviews, but I don’t pay enough attention to nominate what to read. So by the time I notice, it’s already passed. Unless you’d like suggestions for things you haven’t reviewed.

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