Linkblogging For 09/01/17

I’ve not been at my most mentally well the last few days — and given Trump’s nuclear posturing, my occasional suicidal ideation has started to feel more like wanting to leave early to avoid the rush (don’t worry, not going to do anything about it, and I know who to contact if I felt like I was). I simply haven’t been able to get myself to complete a piece of writing in the last couple of days, so you get links…

Opposition in the Age of Gish-Gallops
A piece on Arthur C Clarke by Michael Moorcock, looking particularly at his thoughts on 2001. The most interesting bit to me was the idea (which I’d not heard before) that it was intended as a narrated pseudo-documentary, which would tie in with my own thoughts about the film.

A look at the different types of liberty and how they might apply to software

Over a hundred of Big Finish’s audio dramas, including many of their best, are available on Spotify under artist names Doctor Who, Iris Wildthyme, Bernice Summerfield, and so on.

Everyday authoritarianism is boring and tolerable

Why high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells. My understanding from a biochemist relative is that the first part of this, about oral vs intravenous doses, is based on a flawed study and similar levels *can* be reached orally, but that the rest of this is right.

And finally, I only learned about this browser extension because Google banned it from Chrome, having apparently never heard of the Streisand effect, but Ad Nauseam is an adblocker that not only blocks tracking ads, but also sends clicks to all of them, adding noise to their tracking databases.

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