What Comics Should I Review For Patreons This Week?

(Proper post later or tomorrow)

I know, I never did the last set of comics that were suggested — I intended to, and definitely *packed* them for my US trip. But that trip was more stressful than I anticipated (as it always is — I’m *really* bad at predicting such things) and I thought they were still in the suitcase. But I went to look earlier today to do belated reviews, and they weren’t. So they’re lost somewhere, possibly 6000 miles away. I may review them in future if they turn up, as a sort of time capsule…

I do intend, though, to do the comics reviews every week this year, barring major incidents or all my Patreons saying “please stop, we don’t care”. So suggest something you’d like me to review that came out yesterday, and I’ll do it tomorrow.

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