Question — Archiving Other People’s LiveJournals?

Does anyone know of a tool that will allow you to archive *someone else’s* LiveJournal (ideally in an easily-editable format)?
I had a LiveJournal myself years ago, but deleted it a long time back. However, I’ve been meaning for a while to archive Brad Hicks‘ LJ and turn his better entries into an ebook I can send to people. His journal has some incredibly good insight on it, and I often find myself referring to things he wrote on there, but he’s not updated it in over four years, and with the recent LiveJournal move to Russia, I have no idea how long it will remain online. As it’s licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution, NonCommercial, ShareAlike 2.5 License, I’ve planned for a while to create an epub which I can host somewhere and point people to as needed (especially since Google doesn’t seem to have half his posts spidered, so it’s almost impossible to find particular posts when I want to link something).
All the tools I’ve seen for archiving LJ are designed for archiving one’s own posts, and most haven’t been updated in many years (some are written in MS-specific languages or store in proprietary formats as well). I’d like, if possible, to find something that will grab all the entries (not fussed about the comments) and store them in some human-editable format.
If anyone knows of something like that, could you let me know?

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2 Responses to Question — Archiving Other People’s LiveJournals?

  1. strwatchr says:

    I haven’t a clue. In a pinch, there’s always right-click-and-save each page you want to preserve.

  2. Holly says:

    Have you asked him if he has done/would do something like this (if LJ Archive or LJ Book are still a thing, maybe) and share copies out?

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