Linkblogging For 24/12/16

As always over the Christmas period I have no mental capacity for writing at all, as the stress to my system of being around unfamiliar people, in unfamiliar places, eating unfamiliar food, and having no privacy has caused all my higher brain functions to shut down.
(Patreons will get last week’s comic reviews soonish. Travelling is a *killer* for writing or even reading)

So today you get links, and be grateful. In my day you’d only get a walnut and a toy train.
Charles Stross is posting Laundry Files “fanfic” on AO3
Toward a new hacker ethic
On the Unlikeliness of the Repathologization of Homosexuality
Mental Disorders As Networks (Slate Star Codex, so as always comments probably contain fascism)
A good piece on how fandoms repurpose online tools for their own ends
And Andrew Rilstone on the Burnhamite tendency in Labour

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