Part Question, Part Note-to-Self

This is something I’d normally just tweet, were I not on a self-imposed ban from Twitter until I can get my blood pressure down to non-life-threatening levels:

Would anyone be interested in me writing a blog post or two, sort-of-but-not-really connected to the RWA posts, about Huey Long and Father Coughlin? Neither figure is hugely well-known any more (comparatively — they were such major figures at the time that a lot of people do still know about them), but the parallels between Trump and Long, in particular, are interesting. The USA very nearly became a fascist dictatorship — from the *left* rather than the right — in the 1930s…

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  1. Lawrence Radley says:


    Would be very interested in such a blog. Have you read Philip Roth’s, ‘The Plot Against America’ which imagines Charles Lindbergh (the original ‘America First’ proponent) beating FDR in the 1940 presidential election? Very sobering – don’t read until your blood pressure levels are more under control. Wish you well soon.


    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I haven’t — but you’re not the first person whose opinion I respect I’ve seen suggesting that one this week. I suspect I shall have to seek it out.

  2. Bryant says:

    Yes — I know the Long/Coughlin history but would be interested in your take on it.

  3. Phil Obbard says:

    Long is a fascinating figure (and the dynasty he left behind is worth a mention too). I’d be interested.

    Long was of the “left”, but no doubt he’d be in the GOP today. The South has always been a hotbed of populism, even if the representative party has changed.


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  4. Iain Coleman says:

    I would certainly be interested in reading that.

  5. plok says:


  6. Nick says:

    I’m currently reading Sinclar Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here, which takes the example of Long et al to posit an American populist dictatorship, so yes I’d be interested in your take on the period.

  7. Ty Myrick says:

    I just finished It Can’t Happen Here. I would definitely like to learn more about Long and Coughlin.

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