Brief Thought Bubble Announcement and Recommendations

The Mindless Ones are going to be doing Thought Bubble this year as usual (or at least Gary Lactus, The Beast Must Die, Bobsy, Illogical Volume, Mr. Attack, and myself will be). I’ve always had a bunch of my books to sell in previous years, and will have this time — but this time the stock is unsold stock from 2014, because my sales dropped a lot that year and 2015, as I released no new self-published books on comics or “geek” media since the Doctor Who book in 2013 (last year’s Multiversity book was ebook-only, and this year’s Doctor Who one isn’t self-published).

So this year, I’m knocking down the price of the books *dramatically* — all stock will be £3 (and may go down further) to clear out old stock, especially since some of my copies of An Incomprehensible Condition are copies of the first edition, which has a badly-worded sentence in it I now see as transphobic (and which I corrected for the current edition). And any of my Patreon backers can get any copies of anything they’ve missed for free. I want to get rid of stock as next year I plan to have some exciting new things to sell.

Come along to the Mindless Ones’ table, 13b-14 in New Dock Hall, where there will also be a good stock of comics by Mindless Ones (including the new issues of Cindy & Biscuit, which is always great though I’ve not had a chance to read this one, and The Cleaner, which I have read and which is definitely great), and where we will be blogging for pennies again.

Other good people you should see while you’re there, other than the obvious people like Shaky Kane, Cameron Stewart, Ryan North, Kieron Gillen and so on:

New Dock Hall
Dumpy Little Robot — Abby and Dave Bulmer’s stand, selling their fun family comics. Abby does colouring for 2000AD and other comics, and also works in my local comic shop, and is one of the nicest, friendliest, people in the world. Buy their stuff.

Eddie Argos, Steven Horry, and Abigail Brady — Abigail and Steven are debuting their comic Transrealities, about a trans superhero, here (it’s also lettered by a friend of mine, Aditya Bidakar). I read the first issue when they first completed it, and it’s very good. Clever, witty, writing, and clean-line drawing reminding me of Kevin Maguire or Jamie McKelvie.

(There are presumably good people *not* called Abby in the New Dock Hall as well, other than Mindless Ones)

Alison Sampson — lovely person and great artist. I don’t know what new stuff she’ll have, but I’m sure it’ll be worth a read.

Royal Armouries
Al Ewing — He probably counts as one of “the obvious ones”, given how well-known his work is, but he’s such a genuinely great bloke I’ll list him here anyway.
Cat Byrne, Chris Browning, and Tom Burleigh — I don’t know the other two, but Chris is not only a friend of mine but a ridiculously inventive cartoonist, quite unlike anything else you’ll see.

There are undoubtedly others I should have listed here — long thin lines of small-print text in a jpeg is not a great way to search for text — but I’ll be planning to see all of those this weekend and buy stuff from them.

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