Moving Off Smashwords

Just so people know, over the next couple of months I plan to migrate all my books away from Smashwords and to Draft 2 Digital, which offers the same services but doesn’t make you wait three months to get paid, and which doesn’t look like it was designed in Frontpage in 1998. By the end of the year I expect to have no books on Smashwords.
I believe this will not affect any existing copies in people’s libraries, but I can’t *guarantee* that you will be able to redownload books you’ve already bought after that time.
So if you’ve bought any of my books from that site (and if so, thank you!) make sure you’ve got a backup copy stored locally. None of my books have DRM, so you should be able to download the file and make as many backups as you need.

(Beach Boys post either tonight or tomorrow AM. Same for comics reviews.)

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