New Patreon-Only Feature Starting Next Week — Weekly Comics Reviews

So, for the last few years I’ve not been very good at keeping up with the comics scene. I was always more a DC person than a Marvel one, and since DC’s godawful New 52 thing (which was five years ago now, shockingly. Time flies…) I slowly dropped pretty much all of their comics. That led to me going to the comic shop less, which led to me buying fewer comics… and I’ve also been less enthusiastic about the ones I have read. I’ve actually got piles of unread comics some of which date back *years* (I’ve read comics in that time, obviously, but I’ll think things like “I’ll read this Section 8 today, but put that decentish issue of Daredevil on the to-read-later pile”, and the pile grows…).
But I *want* to read more comics — and I am also very aware that at least some of the people who read my writing do so for the comics writing I do.
So as of next Wednesday, I’m going to solve that problem. Every Tuesday, I’m going to ask my Patreons to nominate up to three comics released the next day for me to buy, read, and review on the Wednesday. There will be conditions on this — no comics edited by Eddie Berganza, everything has to be available in print and at the comics shop I go to (no Comixology digital exclusives, as I don’t have a device that could read them and don’t support DRM. I *do* buy CBZ/CBR files, but I also want an excuse to go to the shop every week).
I’ll post reviews of those comics to Patreon on the Wednesday. They’ll be free bonuses for Patreon backers only. But on the other hand if I go to the comic shop every Wednesday, and buy and read comics every week like I used to, I’ll also be more likely to post about other comics here or on Mindless Ones, so non-backers will still get more Comix Content, as I’ll be back in the loop.
If you want to read those reviews, sign up as a Patreon backer. You pay per post, but can cap the monthly amount at as little as you want — you could theoretically pay one cent per post capped at one cent per month, though ideally you wouldn’t do that…

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