Linkblogging For 04/09/16

Batpost tomorrow, Beach Boys post Tuesday — and linkblogs today.

I may have linked this one before, but it’s come to my attention again — the shit pyramids of King Sneferu

A Batman: The Animated Series episode synopsis written by a textbot — Batman Loves Him A Criminal

The effect of the new rules on the Hugo Awards

Charles Stross talks about strange real people from history, and how their existence affects genre writers

OpenOffice may finally be shutting down. Thank God for that. David Gerard’s arguments in this thread are precisely those I would make. (I don’t use Wordalikes at all given the choice — I use LyX for everything — but the situation of the last few years has been intolerable).

Peter Watts on a difficult decision regarding a censorship request

Nick Barlow on “Open Britain”

The general method for solving problems

And finally, a short clip of Stanley Unwin interviewing Frank Sidebottom:

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