Free ebook for Patreon Backers

My new book on the Doctor Who story The Mind Robber is out now from Obverse Books.

As this isn’t a self-published book, it doesn’t come under the Patreon backer reward tiers, but thanks to the generosity of Stuart at Obverse, and of Philip Purser-Hallard, the series editor, I’m allowed to give backers an ebook copy as a bonus (they’ll still get your three self-published books this year, planned to be a novel, a book on the Beach Boys, and a book on the 1960s Batman TV series). People backing me on Patreon can visit this link and get their copies.

Let me know what you think, and thanks again to my Patreons for your extremely generous support.

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4 Responses to Free ebook for Patreon Backers

  1. Buying them all, anyway, and enjoyed it!

  2. dm says:

    What a bloody treat! Thanks Andrew! Getting stuck into it now, brilliant so far.

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