Note: Don’t Worry About Patreon Funding Drop

Just a quick admin note here, to point out that I expect my per-post Patreon amount to drop *substantially* in the next couple of days, but that I don’t want anyone to worry that this means I’m going to be worse off.

Patreon shows per-post amounts based on how much you got on average per post last month, along with any new pledges. However, most of my Patreons (quite rightly) have a monthly cap on their payments, so they might have pledged, say, $1 per post, but only up to a maximum of $5 per month. (Incidentally, I can’t see what those caps are, if any of you are worried. I know what people have chosen as their per-post amount, but not what they’ve capped it at).

For much of the past few months, I’ve not hit those caps, because I’ve not been well enough to do more than a handful of posts. This month, I posted a lot more (as I plan to from now on). This means that while Patreon is currently showing me as getting $69 per blog post, as people hit their caps the amount I got went down (It tells me how much I can expect to get for each new post — the first post of the month, if everyone’s payments go through, I got $90. For the last, $16).

So once the payments have been processed, it will show substantially less money per post than before on my Patreon page. This does not mean I’m getting fewer Patreons — actually at least three people have pledged this month, and one made a *substantial* increase last month, for which I am more grateful than you can know — it just means that the amount shown will be closer to reality.

Proper post tomorrow (on Micky Dolenz last night — I’m also planning posts on Neal Stephenson, Batman, and Cerebus this week)

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