Linkblogging For 21/8/16

Blood pressure headache today, so no full post. There’ll be a proper post early tomorrow morning (a review of the Turtles Complete Albums box set) and possibly another one later tomorrow (the second What Autism Feels Like post), but for now, links.

My friend Matthew Rossi, one of the finest writers I know, has set up a Patreon. I can’t fund it myself right now — I’m not crowdfunding any more things (other than those I’ve already pledged to) until I know what my writing income is going to stabilise at — but as soon as I know what it is I will, and you should now.

Jo Walton on the writing of The Just City

Dark Adventure Radio Hour, who do audio dramatisations of Lovecraft stories in the style of 1930s US radio, have made their version of The Shadow Over Innsmouth available for free download.

The Men Who Left Were White — a powerful piece on the now-defunct Gawker, about the rhetoric of black men leaving their children, written by the black descendant of white slaveowning rapists.

A knitting pattern for a cellular automaton tea cosy

And a streaming video link that I’ve not yet watched, to a Monkees (Micky & Peter) show from a couple of days ago, broadcast on AXS TV)

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