Various Updatey Bits

There’ll be a proper post tomorrow, but I’ve got a few updates to make here.

First, my book in the Black Archive series of books looking at individual Doctor Who stories is now available to preorder in paperback (the ebook will be available in time). It’s on The Mind Robber, one of my favourite 60s stories. Patreon supporters will be receiving an ebook version as a free bonus, thanks to the generosity of my publisher and editor, but because this isn’t a self-published book I won’t be able to send them free paper copies as I do with my self-published ones.

Second, and related, you can also buy a T-shirt of the Medusa image on my book’s cover. If any of you have ever wanted a T-shirt based on one of my book covers, you can now buy this one. Alternatively, if you have ever wanted a T-shirt with a cool picture of Medusa on it, but are not interested in my books and don’t even like me, you can buy this with the knowledge that none of the money goes to me (it does go to one of my friends, but you can’t have everything) and it doesn’t say my name on it so no-one will know it’s to do with me. Win-win, in other words.
Go and buy this T-shirt, is the point.

Finally, in the next two months, Brian Wilson and Mike Love of the Beach Boys, and Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean, are all releasing autobiographies. I shall definitely be reading all of them, and so it’s likely I’ll review them on here. Would people (especially Patreons who are, after all, paying for the posts) be more interested in separate reviews of each book (though I’m not all that likely to do a review of the Dean Torrence on on its own) as they come out, or a single, longer, compare-and-contrast piece on all three?

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3 Responses to Various Updatey Bits

  1. Speaking now in my capacity as a Patreon, you should review anything you want but isn’t there a backlog…hint hint….

  2. Andrew Hickey says:

    Oh Christ, yes there is. Simon, I’m so sorry…tomorrow. Promise.

  3. dm says:

    Honestly, I’ll read the Love and Wilson ones and love them no matter how you present them. I think my preference separate posts for Love and Wilson, but the second one having something at the end comparing them (both quality/style and their accounts of events). This is not something I expect at all, just a fun idea!

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