Linkblogging for 10/08/16

Sorry for lack of posts — the headache turned out to be a blood pressure headache which is only just dying down now two days later. There *will* be a proper post tomorrow, when I’m able to think of words, but for now have some more links…

The black dog and the wicker man

A partial defence of Jeremy Corbyn

The government considered nationalising a pub so that MPs could still get drinks when Parliament is held in a different building. What gets me about this is that the idea of just not being on the piss while at work doesn’t even seem to have occurred to our elected leaders.

The curious case of Dorothy L Sayers and the Jew who wasn’t there

Microsoft have accidentally leaked the Secure Boot keys. This is why security backdoors are always a bad idea

Stop talking about the trolley problem

The poor and the North didn’t cause Brexit

Real post tomorrow.

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