Linkblogging For 05/08/16

Friday, Friday,
Friday is linkblog day,
Friday, Friday,
Friday is linkblog
When I don’t have time to think blog
Friday is linkblog day!

Jennie dissects a Mail headline

A conservative pro-lifer explains why she is nonetheless voting for Hillary Clinton

Everything (in tech security) is broken

Wesley Osam on starship-based SF

Charles Stross on some new research in historical economic development, and how it affected his Merchant Princes series

A podcast interview with Andrew Sandoval

Scott Aaronson’s lecture notes on quantum complexity theory — basically a free textbook on the subject

And finally, two plugs (both for Edinburgh shows) and a video. I know people in Edinburgh are sure to have a massive list of ten million things you desperately need to see, and will be accosted every three feet by someone flyering you, but I’d still feel bad if I didn’t at least tell you that two very funny, clever, friends of mine, Fraser Geesin and Steffan Alun, will both be doing shows that you should see. Fraser’s, Jack of All Polymaths, is at the Laughing Horse @ 48 Below, from last Wednesday through the 28th at 8:45, while Steffan’s untitled show is at the Banana Skin from 7:15-8:15 from the 6th through the 28th.
Both are part of the Free Festival, so the price is right, and you’ll like them, unless you don’t like funny things.

And speaking of funny things, one for the Monkees fans — my friend Carey recorded a new version of Zilch, but using the lines Micky Dolenz uses too often in his interviews:

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