New Batposts on Mindless Ones and Patreon

I’m finally restarting the Batposts I was doing regularly last year. They should now be up once a week for the forseeable future. As always, those who are backing me on Patreon can read the latest one (on the 1966 Batman film), while those who aren’t can read the one three posts ago, on the Bookworm’s first appearance, which has now gone public on Mindless Ones.

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2 Responses to New Batposts on Mindless Ones and Patreon

  1. prankster36 says:

    Question: will your coverage of screen Batmans/Batmen include the Superfriends cartoon and the Scooby Doo episodes?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      The plan right now is to just do representative episodes of Superfriends and the Filmation series, maybe only as extra essays for the book versions. I’ll probably do the Scooby Doo ones though, as there were only a couple of episodes there. The plan for stuff I’ll *definitely* cover is:
      The second and third 60s series
      The Burton/Schumacher film series
      Batman: The Animated Series (maybe not every single episode, but more than just one or two, possibly the lot)
      Mask of the Phantasm
      Batman Beyond (ditto)
      The Brave & The Bold (ditto)
      The Justice League cartoons
      The Lego Movie
      The Lego Batman Movie
      The Nolan films
      Batman vs Superman
      Suicide Squad
      And at least some of the direct-to-DVD animated films, like The Superman/Batman Movie.
      That should take several years to cover…

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