Great News, Kids!

Well, sort of…
I am probably now a full-time freelance writer. I gave in my notice a week or so ago, and while work haven’t yet accepted it (they’re still trying to persuade me to stay on in a reduced role) I think they will, soon.
However, the reason for this is not that I’ve got any new opportunities; it’s rather that I’ve become too ill from stress to work. I really had no other option.
Now, thanks to a friend I’ve been picking up pieces of… ghostwriting work is probably the best way to understand it, which will cover a great deal of my lost income, but it will still mean a drop in income, and of course freelance work is by its very nature precarious, so I am looking for more ways to make money from my writing.
One thing this will mean is that this blog will now have at least something on every day. Most of those posts will be Patreon-backed. Patreons, PLEASE make sure you have set a monthly cap on your donations. I cannot stress this enough. Many people have signed up to give me a dollar or so a post, and can afford that at the three-or-four-post-a-month rate I’ve been able to keep to recently. Paying ten times that much might come as a nasty surprise. I’ll do several more reminders about this over the next month…
So while my Patreon currently says I get $60 per post or so, that will actually be much lower as we hit people’s monthly limits…

I’m not in any immediate financial danger — I have a few thousand in savings — and I’m *hoping* to be able to replace my lost income in short order. So this is NOT a begging post. I am better off financially than many of my readers, so will not be asking for money. However, some of you will *want* to help in my new career, so, things you can do to help.
1) Back me on Patreon, or forward the link to other people who might. I’ll be doing a lot more Patreon-exclusive things soon, too.
2) Buy my self-published books in paper, as ebooks from Amazon, or as other ebooks
3) Buy books I wrote or am in from Obverse. Head of State, The Black Archive: The Mind Robber, Tales of the Great Detectives, A Target For Tommy. Not all of these will bring me royalties directly (some are charity things, or things I got a flat fee for), but if they sell well then I’m more likely to get more commissions.
4) I will, when I finish the latest Beach Boys book, be Kickstarting a second edition of my Monkees book. You could back that.
5) If you have any contacts in publishing who you think might be interested in my work, let them and me know.
6) Link to this site and let other people know about my posts.

I’m also thinking of taking commissions — £50 for a thousand words on a subject of your choosing.

But NONE of this is obligatory, and I’m not asking anyone to do them. Just letting people know what I’m doing.

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4 Responses to Great News, Kids!

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    That is great news! Congratulations!

  2. Could you give us some more details of what sort of writing you can and can’t do? Not that it’s very likely that I’ll come into contact with someone I can recommend you to, but it’s better to know. Also, this might be mansplaining something you’ve already thought of and not had time to do, but it might be a good idea to update the blog’s About page to focus on your freelance writing, or make a separate page for that.

    Expect to spend half your time worrying about not having enough work and the other half worrying about having too much, but it’ll certainly be less stressful than working in an office. Good luck!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Yeah, I’m planning on updating the site over the next few weeks, and no need to worry about being splainy — I’d rather that than miss something obvious.
      As for what kind of writing I can do, mostly the kind of thing I do on this blog (or have done when I’ve been at my best) is what I’m best at — pop culture analysis, political writing, explaining science — but I’ve also done (as part of my day-job) technical writing, documentation, copywriting, proofing and editing; written fiction at various lengths, and (the ghostwriting work I can’t go into more detail about) written many short YouTube videos for various sizes of cast and budget.
      And thanks — I’ll need the luck, I think, but I *should* be OK…

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