#harkive 2016 liveblog

As they have done previous years, the harkive project are collecting information about how people listen to music over the course of the day, so like *I* have done previous years, I’m going to liveblog the music I’m listening to today. Today I’m off work ill, and it’s *extremely* hot. I’ll be updating every hour or so

7:30 Woke up, checked email, made a start on some writing I need to get done. While doing this, I put on an MP3 compilation, Lux & Ivy’s Favourites, a mixture of R&B, rockabilly, garage rock, and novelty songs. Typical tracks on the compilation include El Monkey by Saxie Russel, Intoxica by the Revels, and Firewater by the Premiers. That compilation still playing at 08:53 when I first posted this.

9:50 The compilation ended, and I’m about to shower and go to the doctor, so no more music just now.

10:59 Music in the waiting room for the GP was “Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now” by Starship. Since getting back home about ten minutes ago, I’ve been listening to Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonful, again as MP3s.

11:43 After the Lovin’ Spoonful album, the MP3 software automatically moved on to a Count Basie album, then crashed after two tracks. I just restarted it, and am now listening to Fishes and Fine Yellow Sand by Waterson: Carthy

12:43 My wife’s gone out, so as she won’t be annoyed by my choice of music for a while, I put on an audience recording of the Beach Boys’ 2012 reunion tour (the Santa Barbara Bowl show, May 28 2012).

14:48 Beach Boys show still playing (it was a long show) but I stop it half-way through California Girls to go to the shop.

15:50 Back from the shop. Generic modern pop music that I don’t know what it is played while I was there, and now going to watch a few episodes of Yes Minister, so the only music I’ll hear for the next while will be the theme to that.

20:41 After watching several episodes of Yes Minister and having a nap, I put on Good Times!, the Monkees album that came out two months ago.

21:30 After the Monkees finished, Candypants’ self-titled album.

22:30 Candypants took an hour, as I took a break to walk the dog halfway through song seven. After Candypants finished, I put on Panorama City by Double Nought Spy Car and Stew — an album of improvised rock songs.

23:21 I put on William Grant Still’s Symphony #1, the Afro-American Symphony

23:48 And for the final music of the night, Ives’ second symphony.

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  2. TAD says:

    Minor nitpick…..the Starship song is properly titled, “Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now.” Not “Going To.” :)

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