Linkblogging For 15/7/16

I’m very much hoping that on Tuesday I’ll be making a very positive announcement about the future of this blog, but right now I’m extremely unwell, and so today you only get links.

First, a link I should have posted a while ago — Paul Magrs has written a series of audio dramas in which Katy Manning investigates the death of Tom Baker

Another link from a while back — the Minus Five are releasing a new album soon. The album is about the Monkees (Amazon pre-order link).

What the statistics around Brexit really tell us

The latest Humble Comics Bundle is the full series of Grant Morrison’s 18 Days

On the ineffectiveness of anti-establishment satire
Speaking of satire, Wint MP, a twitter account that combines the text from @dril’s tweets with photos from BBC News, is probably the most accurate news source right now…

Brexit voters are not the left behind

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  1. Neil Anderson says:

    I’ve been listening to and enjoying the Minus 5’s “Of Monkees and Men” since it came out as the 2nd disc in the “Scott the Hoople in the dungeon of horror” 5 lp boxed set. It’s great. Hope a lot of Monkees fans check it out.

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