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My Doctor Who story The Bogeyman, which I posted here several years ago, is now included in a charity anthology, A Target For Tommy, edited by my friends Paul Magrs and Stuart Douglas. The other authors involved include Simon Bucher-Jones, Paul Cornell, Rachel Redhead, Ian Potter, and loads of other good writers. The money goes towards helping Tommy Donbavand, a writer of among other things scripts for the Beano and an eleventh Doctor book. I don’t know Tommy, but we have a great many mutual friends who speak extremely highly of him, and he is currently suffering from cancer. His treatment means he can no longer make the school visits which as a children’s author are a big part of his income, and this book will hopefully raise some money to help him with that.
If you liked my story when I posted it here, or if you like good Doctor Who stories generally, or if you like any of those writers in particular, or if you’re a nice person who wants to help a fellow human being in need, you can buy a copy here.

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  1. Andrew Hickey says:

    (Obviously many, many, other friends are also involved in this. I didn’t want to name everyone in the post, so just picked a handful. Not naming other writers doesn’t mean I think any less of those I didn’t name…)

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