Linkblogging For 05/07/16

I’ve been away for a while, as you’ve probably noticed. Some of that was because my writing time has been taken up with a couple of other projects. Most of it, though, is because a combination of personal, professional, and political stress (mostly professional, if truth be told) led to me having a breakdown on Monday last week and spending ninety minutes screaming about how I want to die. I don’t like to talk about my mental health on here, but recently it’s been… not good.
I’ve had a week off sick, though, and have another two weeks on my sick note, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to have a blog post of one sort or another up every day. I hope, in fact, that this will now be a daily blog like it used to be, but no promises on that front.
The ones I have planned are a review of the Love Revisited gig I saw on referendum night, the next Beach Boys post (on Brian Wilson Live at the Roxy, which I’ve been putting off talking about, because Scott Bennett’s rape conviction in April makes talking about his contributions to the Brian Wilson band very difficult…), the next Batpost (on the 1966 film), more on the Hugos, and a “where next for the Lib Dems after Brexit?” piece.
But for now… links:

Brexit’s voters are not the left behind

The moral economy of tech

Open plan offices are terrible in every way

Where girl geeks come from

Andrew Rilstone has been reading Spider-Man from the very beginning

Brexit: if you think Corbyn is the problem, you haven’t been paying attention

The real truth behind “the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife”

A petition to let non-UK EU citizens living in the UK stay here
Iain Lee has set up a Monkees message board. I’ve not yet registered because I’ve been too busy being a mentalist, but I will…

Speaking of the Monkees, the Sitcom Club (a very good podcast co-hosted by my friend, sometime songwriting partner, and occasional commenter here Tilt Araiza) has an episode on the Monkees, with my friend Melanie Mitchell (author of a book on the Monkees’ TV show) guesting.

Two-thirds of ZZ Top were once in a fake band that pretended to be the Zombies

And so to bed. Proper post tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Linkblogging For 05/07/16

  1. Christian Taylor says:

    Thank you for coming back, Mr Hickey. I had a similar break-down at almost the exact same date, and I’m only contending with brain-pain without the body-pain.

    Even your link-blogs are highly valued by some of us.

  2. Tilt Araiza says:

    Thanks for the link!

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