Bizzy Baksun

My in-laws have been staying in my house for nearly a week now and I have no privacy, quiet, or time alone (except for very brief periods when Holly can drag them to the shops, as she has this afternoon). I have a deadline I’m far past for the revisions to my Black Archive book — which I’m finding it nearly impossible to work on because of said in-laws. I’m overloaded at work but my executive function problems, coupled with the stress of not being allowed any peace, mean I’m not capable of getting that done at the rate I need to.
I am sick, burned out, and constantly having to perform a role (that of neurotypical human being) for which I am almost uniquely unsuited.
I want to write more, but right now I am literally incapable. Once I’m allowed any time to myself again, this might change. If nothing else, though, you can expect a review of next Tuesday’s Brian Wilson/Al Jardine/Blondie Chaplin gig, and of the new Monkees album on Friday of next week…

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  1. Is there anything I can do to help? The biggest pain I found with mine, was the slog of checking the bibliography. Could I do some legwork for you?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Thanks *so* much — but actually there’s very little anyone else can do to help. All that kind of stuff is done for the most part (though I might, tomorrow, email you a short list of books I only have ebooks of, in case you have the paper copies to check page numbers) — the stuff that needs doing is more “have you considered doing a couple of pages about this?” type stuff. Only a day or so’s actual work left to do, but it’s having that day or so to do it in…

  2. Happy to look on shelves – another resource for page numbers I found useful when I only had e-copies was searching in Google Books, were page numbers are often stored in their scans. [However much their copyright ignoring bits of book grabbing is, it does make remote checking of page numbers easier.] Simon BJ

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