Linkblogging for 02/05/16

I’ve not done a linkblog for a while and I have tabs that need closing…

A silly bit of DC Universe fanfic

The original translations of Borges’ work into English, which Borges worked on himself, but which have been kept out of print since his death, can be found here

Open Music Theory, an open textbook on music theory

When Railtrack PLC went bust and restructured as Network Rail, someone registered as Railtrack Ltd, apparently mostly to troll lawyers. Here are his legal letters…

A poem about Silicon Valley, assembled from Quora questions about Silicon Valley

A survey for the Lib Dem working group on social security. Fill it in and tell them you want basic income.

The charts as soapbox

And John Scalzi making the same points as I’ve made before about Kindle Unlimited and why it’s bad

Incidentally, I only just realised that the blog theme I changed to a month or two back has no easy way to navigate to earlier posts. I’ll fix that, but probably not until after the elections.

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