Linkblogging For 27/3/15

Sorry I’ve not been around or very conversational. I developed an ear infection on Monday (I suspect because my immune system was depressed by the anti-arthritic drugs I’m on, which I’ve come off again while I go through the antibiotics) and simultaneously my hard drive broke leaving me sans working computer.
I now have a working computer, but no working head yet — I don’t cope well at all with pains in my head, and I’m getting intermittent pain, tinnitus, and about 70% hearing loss in my left ear.

I’m hoping to get some proper blog posts written in the next few days, but in the meantime, have links:

Adam Bernard makes a good case for basic income as a Lib Dem policy. Trolling ensues in the comments, including racial slurs, but Richard Gadsden and others make very good points in response.

Feminist Aspie on reporting of a study showing a reduced life-expectancy for autistic people

Maybe we could tone down the javascript?

The first two posts in a series by Wesley Osam on a type of prose he dislikes but which is prevalent in SF (1) (2)
A poem about refugees

Ace Eostre-debunker Adrian Bott is this year putting forward the positive case *for* Eostre’s existence. Start here.

Nicholas Whyte’s thoughts on the Brussels attacks

Zoe O’Connell’s speech to Lib Dem Conference against the Investigatory Powers bill

LIGO may — may — have detected dark matter

A petition to make use of Parliamentary footage in satire legal

A Kickstarter to make video versions of AIOTM (AIOTM!)

A short explanation of why the joking use of Donald Trump’s ancestral name is upsetting for some.

And an interview with David Graeber about predatory bureaucracies

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