I Aten’t Ded

Just to say sorry for not being around much at the moment. The methotrexate I was on gave me two weeks of low-grade migraine. The withdrawal from it gave me a week of bad mood swings. I’ve now got three weeks’ worth of backed-up work and deadlines, while still having a few mood swings. The deadline for the book I’m writing is on Saturday (and I’m well on track to hit the deadline), so I should be around more after that.

Unfortunately I’m going to be missing both Mancunicon and the MR James conference I was thinking of attending, just as I missed Lib Dem conference last weekend (though I’ll still be attending games night on Easter weekend, and other less intense social obligations). But I’m starting a different anti-arthritis drug this week, so we’ll see what happens with that. Either way, I plan to be blogging more, on Tumblr more, and doing more stuff over the next few weeks. But bear with me.

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  1. I’ll be sorry not to see you at Mancunicon. Hope the new drug helps.

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