Quick Question for my Political Friends

Anyone else get an email from something called The Patchwork Foundation thanking them for confirming their attendance at an event in London in a fortnight?
Apparently I have confirmed a place on an event chaired by Iain Dale, with Angela Eagle, Nick Herbert, and Angela Crawley, in which they let young up-and-coming LGBT politicos know what skills they need for political success.
Now, this seems unlikely on the face of it as:
It would be difficult for me to get to London from work for a 6PM start when I don’t finish until 6:30 and live in Manchester
I’m not young
I’m not so much up-and-coming as sinking-and-drowning
I’m not L, G, B, or T
I’m only a politico in the loosest possible sense
I would rather chew my own legs off than be in a room with that group of people
So I’m wondering if this is a glitch or if someone has signed me up for something without asking…

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2 Responses to Quick Question for my Political Friends

  1. po8crg says:

    I get emails from the Patchwork Foundation inviting me to stuff, but I’ve never had them confirm my attendance at anything.

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    I didn’t get anything like this (not that I am properly political).

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