Ten Years

Ten years ago today, give or take a time zone or six, I got married. (Coincidentally, so did my wife.)
I’m not very good at talking about my feelings, so I won’t talk about how much I love her, or how lucky I am, or any of that. And the wedding day itself is not one we particularly look back on with any great pleasure — it was less than two months after Holly’s brother died, and she was moving to another continent away from her family, which among many other things made the dynamics of the whole “not losing a daughter but gaining a son” thing rather different, and not in a good way.
But our wedding *was* the occasion of the one actual romantic gesture I’ve ever made, so I can at least mention that.
Holly and I both enjoy the work of the songwriter Stew. I’m a bigger fan, but we both knew and loved albums like Guest Host and The Naked Dutch Painter. These days Stew is a Tony Award-winning writer of musicals, but back then he and his band The Negro Problem didn’t have even the small level of celebrity he does now.
And because of that lack of celebrity, Stew offered an occasional service where he would write and record songs on commission. So — with the financial help of several friends who helped me pay for it as their wedding gift to us — I managed to scrape together enough money to pay for a song about Holly, for our wedding. (This was a major effort. At the time I was working three jobs just to pay off enough debts to get into a position where I could meet the financial requirements for her getting a spouse visa).
Here it is.

To help make sense of some of the less obvious bits of lyric, my wife’s name is Holly, she comes from Minnesota (“the land of ten thousand lakes”), we’d met over the Internet originally (this was back when that was a relatively rare thing), and she was moving from the US to the UK.
I still think it’s a truly great song, and I’m pretty sure I’d think that even if it wasn’t about a truly great person.

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4 Responses to Ten Years

  1. malartart says:

    Big fan of the blog. Love it, keep going

  2. Tony Harms says:

    Happy anniversary

  3. dm says:

    Is the lyric “Deck the halls with vows of now…”? Because that’s a really great lyric.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      The main chorus line is “deck the halls with vows of now’s eternity”, and at the end Heidi’s singing “deck the halls with vows of now” as the countervocal.
      And yes, it’s a great lyric. Stew’s an incredible songwriter, but I think this is one of his best even ignoring the subject matter.

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