An Apology

Just a brief note to say that my productivity on this blog having increased over the last few days might mean that people think I’m “back to normal” but I’m not. I’ve been able to write blog posts, and to work on the Black Archive book I’m doing (and a little plotting of a novel I’m working on) but otherwise completely unable to function — even taking the dog for a walk has sometimes been too much for me.
Hopefully this will change soon — I have a rheumatology appointment in ten days — but I’m very aware that there is stuff that remains undone. I have one set of signed California Dreaming books that still need to be posted out (that will be done this weekend). I have books I promised to review months ago that I’ve still not posted about. I’ve had emails from many people (including, but not limited to, Alex & Richard, Plok, SBJ, PPH, and a bunch more) that I’ve not replied to or even acknowledged.
I’ve not been able to look at Facebook this week, apart from things I’m tagged in, for which I get email notification. I’ve dropped out of IM chats, Twitter conversations, and Tumblr threads without warning. I’ve generally been a bad friend and an unreliable acquaintance.
Please, if you have been affected by this and if you can, accept my apologies. I am trying to become better at this sort of thing. At least now I am aware what the problem is…

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5 Responses to An Apology

  1. erinkkenny says:

    Take the time to take care of yourself first.

    Unfortunately I understand where you are coming from. I have been seriously ill for over 2 months now and have had to bail on a ridiculous number of commitments. Some days I’m not even up to reading email. Thankfully people have been really understanding. I hope they are for you.

  2. Larry S. says:

    Andrew, anybody who is cross with you for any of the things you have just stated above is, in my humble opinion, a twit; I think that’s the proper British expression. Anyone who reads your blog is aware of what you go through on a daily basis.

  3. I have never found you unreliable as an acquaintance, and I hope I can also presume to say, never less than a good friend.

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