Linkblogging For 7/1/16

Proper post tomorrow. For now, I’m closing some tabs…

The science fiction writer’s hierarchy of doubt

Scott Alexander, who does Slate Star Codex, has started a new longform serialised fiction project. I find Alexander’s non-fiction blogs alternate between incredibly insightful and utterly wrongheaded, but I’ve enjoyed all the fiction I’ve seen of his, and this looks fun so far in a way I think a lot of my friends will enjoy.

New York Public Library has digitised 180,000 public domain images, in high resolution, for people to reuse.

Why that “Star Trek fan film” CBS are suing isn’t a fan film at all

Paul Graham is (still) asking to be eaten

A free ebook of short stories by Saladin Ahmed

The passion of John Stuart Mill

On Youtube — Out Of The Trees, a 1972 TV show by Graham Chapman and Douglas Adams

A BBC radio adaptation of Spike Milligan’s The Bed-Sitting Room

I’m pretty sure I’ve linked this before, but it’s worth linking again: the Feynman Lectures In Physics are available to read for free online

And for those of you planning to nominate in the retro-Hugos this year, here’s an ebook of every public domain piece of short fiction eligible (much stuff from 1940 is still in copyright, so that’s not included).

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