California Dreaming Book Now Out

I’ve had confirmation of dispatch for every backer who’s sent me their address (one has still yet to do so), except those who ordered signed hardbacks (those have to make their way to me first, and then I have to sign them and send them off, so they may well not arrive til after Xmas). So I can now make the book available to everyone else.
Here it is in paperback. hardback, Kindle (UK), Kindle (US), and epub formats.

The book is more expensive than most of mine, in physical format, but this is because of increased production costs — the book is almost twice as long as any other non-fiction book I’ve published, and has something like a dozen essays that weren’t serialised on the blog. The ebooks are the same price as normal.

(And a reminder that if you become a patron, you get future books for free…)

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4 Responses to California Dreaming Book Now Out

  1. Eyel says:

    Hey Andrew, I’m very fond of your writing. I hope you are feeling better and if you aren’t that you will soon feel better.

  2. jasondikes says:

    Loved the book. As to the mystery of Fast Eddie Hoh. He died last month.

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