Two notes to Patreons

I’ve already asked this on the Patreon page, but got no responses, and I don’t know how often people check there rather than here, so I’m doing one here:

Could any of my Patreons who are backing at a level for physical books please let me know your addresses? I’m currently sending out the paperbacks of California Dreaming, which will only go on general sale once the backer copies have been sent out. My email is andrew @ . Ideally I could do with your postal addresses this week.

Secondly, a reminder that I’ve been putting at the end of all the Patreon posts:

A REMINDER — from now on, this Patreon charges *per post*, not *per month* (you didn’t get charged at all for last month). If you’re being charged more than you want to pay now, you have until the end of the month to cancel, to lower your per-post payments, to cap your maximum monthly payment, or some combination of those. Thanks for your support, no matter what you do.

(I’m only charging for proper posts, not stuff like this or the linkblog — and the reason I’m doing it that way is because I’ve not been hitting my word targets and don’t want to take people’s money when they’re not getting what they were paying for).

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