Linkblogging For 12/11/15

Just a few links today.

Alan Moore gave a friend £10,000 to help him get round our country’s despicable immigration rules.

Lovecraft was always a terrible choice for the World Fantasy Awards

Charity parachute jumps cost the NHS far more in treating injuries than they raise for charity

Nick Barlow’s answer to “what does it mean to be a Lib Dem today?”

The Black Archive — an equivalent to the 33 1/3 books, but about Doctor Who stories, starting next year. I’m writing one.

Zoe O’Connell looks at the Investigatory Powers Bill (the “Snooper’s Charter”)

Basic income as the social vaccine of the twenty-first century

Take action to stop the execution of Kho Jabing

A good post on the exclusion of women from the jazz canon

A Kickstarter to bring some of Eisner’s earliest work back into print

And finally, here’s a full live concert performance of Frank Zappa’s The Yellow Shark, by the Ensemble Modern:

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