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This post may seem like the work of a complete egomaniac, so let me make something clear upfront — I don’t expect any significant number of award nominations (by which I mean any more individuals nominating me than I can count on one hand). But three friends of mine have told me they intend to nominate stuff I’ve done, which is three more than I would have expected, and so this is just so that those people, and anyone who *hasn’t* told me, will know what is and isn’t eligible. It is *not* a request for nominations, and me saying that is *not* a subtle passive-aggressive double-bluff.

Stuff I’ve done this year:
My novel, Head of State, eligible for any novel awards.
This blog, and my writing on, eligible for fan-writer awards.
Various short stories, findable under the “fiction” tag on this blog, of which the only non-flash one this year is Better Days.
The story of mine that will probably get most eyeballs is Ten Things You’ll Only Get If You’re A 50s Kid, which will be on Daily Science Fiction from the 17th of November (I’ll be linking that on the day).
My ebook about Grant Morrison and various artists’ Multiversity, Welcome To The Multiverse (which I also serialised on Mindless Ones), would be eligible for related work nominations, as I presume would the podcast I did with Phil Sandifer and Jack Graham about the Puppyfascists (though for that you’d probably be better off nominating the Shabcast as a whole for best podcast).

I don’t expect to put out any other significant SF-related things this year.

Again, this is not a vote-beg. Just information. I actually think this has been one of the better recent years for SF, and also for the discourse *around* SF (mostly prompted by the Puppyfascists, sadly), so there’s an embarrassment of riches out there to put on your ballots.

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  1. po8crg says:

    You omitted that you are personally eligible for the Campbell as Best New Writer.

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