IMPORTANT: Message to Patreons

I have changed the rules for how my Patreon works. It wouldn’t be fair to you to keep charging you monthly while I’m unwell (for those who don’t know I’ve recently been diagnosed with arthritis, and can’t start treatment until January) and producing less than I should be, so I’ve changed to a per-post setting (I will only charge for substantive content, not linkblogs, updates about my life, and so on).

HOWEVER, THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT — Patreon seems to have taken your “per month” payment amounts and converted them to “per post” payment amounts. Obviously you will want to look at that and change it, as you might end up paying as much as thirty times as much, some months!

Patreon lets you set a per-post amount, and also a per-month maximum. I suggest you set up both of these — choose the $1, $2, or $3 per post amounts based on which reward tier you want, and then set a per-month maximum. I’ll have you on the honour system as far as donating an appropriate maximum for your reward tier.

I WILL NOT START CHARGING FOR POSTS UNTIL NEXT MONTH, to give you time to update your settings.

And speaking of rewards, I’m nearly finished with the California Dreaming paper book formatting. Please send me your address if you are at the appropriate reward level and want your copy.

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