Linkblogging For 22/10/15

Just links today, as I’m feeling very ill (had to leave work at lunchtime, which never normally happens)

Myths Retold on courtly love and Nice Guys. A Nice Guy shows up in the comments, too…

Ten downsides kids with autism get from bullying

A fun story on Slate Star Codex, based around the blue-eyed islander problem. As always with SSC, I haven’t read the comments, so they could contain monsters.

Labour’s headbangers: rebels without a cause

The women’s equality party: a surveillance state in the name of liberal feminism

Grant Morrison on the DC multiverse

And the Lib Dems in the Lords are to table a motion to stop the tax credit cuts (Labour are also putting forward a motion to make the cuts a little bit nicer but not stop them — the Lib Dems will support that if the Lib Dem motion fails)

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